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2 years, 11 months ago This is obviously a scam? I got this text on my phone: Hi Mr Seaman its Michele I went through what I have of Clays unemployment information and he was layed off in November of 2013 and revived unemployment of 373.00 a week and was layed off about 2 weeks and went back to work but their was some weeks he would only work like 2 days and than be off because of weather or whatever reason and he got hurt at work on December 31of 2014 and he revived 596.00 weekly up until March 17!!!! Their is weeks he didn't draw unemployment because he would work those 2 or 3 days and he only got payed for the days he did work... And their was a waiting period of about 14 days before he revived his first check from workmans comp.. Any questions feel free to call me.. Thank you Michele.

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